Active Soles

About Us

We have been serving Palmer, Wasilla, and the surrounding areas of the Matanuska Susitna Valley since December 2008. Our goal is to fit you with the appropriate shoe for walking, running, hiking, working, or casual comfort. We have a treadmill that you can use to "test drive" your shoes before you purchase. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our 30 day return policy reflects that guarantee. We also offer a Performance Shoe Card and when you have purchased 6 pairs of shoes, your 7th pair is free!

We proudly carry

  • KEEN, New Balance, and Brooks footwear
  • KEEN, Brooks and Smartwool socks
  • Brooks clothing and accessories
  • Superfeet and Vaysli off the shelf shoe inserts
  • Hammer Nutrition products

Footwear Clinics Offered

If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work or at play you can benefit from buying the right running (or walking) shoes. Active Soles and Body In Balance Physical Therapy offer a free clinic once a month that will ensure you are wearing the correct shoe for your foot type. At each clinic a Physical Therapist or Certified Pedorthotist will determine your foot type, address your current footwear and suggest the best type of shoe for your specific foot type. With the right shoes, there is less stress on your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Shoe types can be broken down into one of three categories:

  • Cushion
  • If you need extra support, these are the shoe for you.

  • Stability
  • These are a blend of cushion and control which support and protect the foot, knee and ankle.

  • Motion Control
  • People with high arches rave about the extra cushion these shoes provide.

Call 746-0600 for the next available time slot!

We can also schedule group clinics by request.

Mechanics of a Stable Shoe

You should test your current shoes and any shoes that you are planning to purchase. Here is the three part process to test the mechanics of a stable shoe.

  • Torsionally Stable
  • Grab the toe and heel of the shoe in your hands. Twist the toe and heel of the shoe in the opposite directions. You should not be able to twist the shoe excessively in a sound, torsionally stable shoe.

  • Solid Heel Counter
  • Firmly squeeze the sides of the shoe that surround and protect the heel. There should only be a very small amount of flex in this part of a great shoe.

  • Flexion Stability
  • Grasp the shoe at the toe box ans the heel and bend like your foot was on tip toes. A shoe with good flexion satbility will bend at the forefoot and not the arch.

If your shoe fails any one of the test it is time to update your current footwear.